Lighthouse Beach Dental is a well established dental practice that has been providing Port Macquarie and the local community with exceptional dental care and are committed to ensuring you and your family achieve lifelong oral health. Dr Stephan Tessede and the experienced team take great pride in developing strong relationships and providing you with tailored dental treatments to suit your individual needs. In addition to your oral health, Lighthouse Beach Dental places great importance on your patient experience when visiting the practice.

Meet the Team

Dr Stephan TessedeDP-Website-Photos_Kids-62-Edit2Email

Born and raised in France, Stephan graduated from Lyon University (1994) where he met his wife Nathalie, who is also a dentist. After a few locum jobs in France, it was time to do his compulsory national service and he was lucky enough to get a beautiful position as the only dentist of the Papeete Naval Base on the beautiful island of Tahiti (French Polynesia).
After two years spent in the Navy, Stephan came back shortly to work in France in 1998, even tried Africa (Gabon) for a short while, but finally decided to settle in Papeete and to buy a private practice in partnership with his wife.
Living in French Polynesia, the family made regular visits to Australia and New Zealand for the holidays and really enjoyed the lifestyle.
Although still very happy in Tahiti, but thinking that at the age of 40 years, it would not be too late to try another big move, Stephan decided then to make an attempt at the very selective Australian Dental Council Exam and eventually passed the last hurdle in November 2010.
From there it took a year to sell the Papeete practice and the house and to get the visa organized but finally, the whole family (including the Tahitian cat…) moved to the beautiful town of Port Macquarie in 2012 where Stephan had been offered a fantastic position.
With, already, two decades of dental experience and having worked in places where the dental health was sometimes extremely poor, Stephan is a very experienced and thorough dentist who now runs Lighthouse Beach Dental. He started to place some implants back in 2004, and attends many post graduate courses with a particular interest in Endodontic, surgery, and adhesive dentistry which allows a very conservative approach when performing decayed tooth restoration.
Married to Nathalie and father of Nicolas and Maimiti, while not working, Stephan is often seen looking for his golf balls at the Port Macquarie Golf Club.

Judy Pink – Practice ManagerDP-Website-Photos-1-EditEmail

I have been involved in the dental industry all of my working life. I graduated as a School Dental Therapist in New Zealand and worked in the School Dental system for ten years. I married an ‘Aussie’ and made my first move to Australia, working for a dentist in Sydney for two years. We moved back to New Zealand for the next ten years. We started our family and I worked for a dentist, part time, for five of those years.
We moved back across the Tasman fourteen years ago and I started working at Lighthouse Beach Dental with Dr. Kerry Roberts. I became Practice Manager five years ago and love working with our wonderful team here. We work together sharing our strengths and talents to make us a very happy, efficient dental practice.
When I am not at work you can find me in our garden or travelling somewhere in Australia or overseas.

Ruth – Dental AssistantDP-Website-Photos-7-EditEmail1

I started working at Lighthouse Beach Dental in January 2009. I was blessed to be able to join Judy and the team at this practice, working first with Kerry Roberts and now with Stephan. My original experience came from many years before, in Sydney at the Westmead Dental Hospital; but the team here were patient and supportive and helped me get back some of the skills I had forgotten.
Between then and now I have had many different jobs; now I can use my many other skills, such as helping with computer and software issues. I am also using my photographic skills for the practice; you will see some of my photos on this website and in the waiting room and surgeries. I love working here; it is a very happy and collaborative team. I love seeing the regulars, the new people and even those with dental phobias, in this practice we will always try to make you smile.

Astrid – Dental AssistantDP-Website-Photos-4-EditEmail

I am a multi-cultural, multi-talented employee; having been born in The Netherlands; growing up in the south of New Zealand; and then immigrating, with my parents, to Sydney. My previous career in a scientific research laboratory has provided me with many skills which are benefitting my new career as a Dental assistant. I joined the team at Lighthouse Beach Dental in February 2010 after a couple of years of excellent training at another local practice.
I enjoy the friendly team atmosphere, and love that I am continuing to learn. I am proud to be using my experience in infection control, ensuring the highest Australian Standards are met by everyone in the practice. The developments in technologies, materials and procedures in dentistry are amazing.
Outside the work environment I love to spend time with my family, especially on the beautiful Lighthouse Beach.

Amanda – Dental AssistantDP-Website-Photos-2-EditEmail

My professional qualification is Dental Therapy and I have been in the Dental Industry since leaving school. Initially, I worked as a Dental Assistant in an orthodontic practice and then went on to study Dental Therapy. After graduating, I worked as a Dental Therapist in Community Health for 10 years. I was also involved in planning and presenting Dental Health education within schools and the local community. I was married while working in for community health, but after starting a family, I worked again as a Dental Assistant. In recent years, I went back into a Dental Therapy role in a private orthodontic practice where I did clinical work and again spent time in local schools promoting Dental Health.
I joined the team at Lighthouse Beach Dental in October 2012. Our practice manager, Judy, is a strong advocate of team work which results in a smooth running practice and a positive workplace. We all enjoy working with such a skilled and happy dentist as Stephan. I have appreciated the guidance of all staff as I have settled into a new work environment and hope that my skills and experience help to enhance the practice.

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